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Fitness for women
"We all want to be healthy and beautiful, and that’s why we’re here!"

Our Aim

We focus on the specific demands and needs of women. Our goal is to motivate women across all ages towards a positive attitude to sport and nutrition. Sport is not a luxury, it helps with accomplishing set goals, getting rid of pain and health problems or simply being able to care for yourself and your body. If you don’t want to suffer in a typical fitness centre amongst barbies with imaginary overweight issues or you don’t enjoy jumping around in a crowded room doing aerobics, then circuit trainings are the ideal alternative for you. Our goal is to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which women can train close to their home or work area, without needing any special knowledge or major experience with sport. We want them to feel satisfied in their fitness club and look forward to coming again. We try to encourage all women to successfully reach their individual and exercise goals at least 2-3 times a week, perhaps in the form of this unique circuit training.

What is our circuit training corecircuit® like? 

  • effective – a stronger and better built figure, improved stamina
  • efficient – strengthening of the torso, stomach, back and shoulder muscles
  • healthy - relieving stress, ecouraging a better feeling of ease, providing energy for everyday
  • successful – losing weight without the Jo-Jo effect, a tailored way of losing weight
  • easily time managable– 30 minutes, 2-3-times a week, in a chosen time, something we can all handle
  • motivational and entertaining – pleasant and relaxed atmosphere amongst us wome

Men are not permitted, therefore women don’t have to feel shy.

Ordinary fitness centers simply don’t always meet the personal needs of women. Based on a personal individual training needs, women with an individually set workout level train with us.

Finding 30 minutes for yourself 2-3 times a week is guarenteed to bring beauty and health. Our training plan is a 30 minute workout in a circle, developped to meet the special needs of women and to exercise all major and problematic areas of muscles. Women alternate between machines and workout stations in forty second intervals and are able to do three rounds in 30 minutes. The 30 minut circuit training is made up of 5 important phases: warm-up phase, strength training, fitness training, cooling down phase and stretching.
For those women who didn‘t have access to sport until now, either because of a lot of work with their children or chores around the house, preventing them to have spare time for sport,

Is the reason why our club is here!

Circuit training corecircuit®

Get in shape!

Improve your posture!

A better and healthier appearance
will make you more confident and happy.

By exercising you will improve several parameters which make up the puzzle known as HEALTH

Opening hours:
Mon      7:30-11:00 a 15:00-19:30
Tue:      7:30-11:00 a 15:00-18:30
Wed:     7:30-11:00 a 15:00-19:30
Thu:      7:30-11:00 a 15:00-18:30
Fri:        7:30-11:00 a 14:00-18:00
Sat:       8:00-11:00
Sun: closed

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